The right choices matter

personal growth, attitude, choice, consequence, habitConsider this…

Every choice you make equates to a consequence that is either in your favor or against you. Let me give you an example.

You set your alarm clock for 5am so that you can wake up and head out the door to work. The choice you have is to answer that alarm clock, or as Zig Ziglar named it: an opportunity clock, or roll over and get some more shut eye.

The choice is get up or stay in bed. The consequence may be jobless if you allow it to become a habit.

So you chose to get up and go to work. Now you get your second choice. Should you eat a healthy breakfast or dash out to the local fast food drive through for a plastic meal. The consequence of a bad choice may lead to poor health, being overweight, low energy, and more. A poor choice left unchecked will become a habit that may have dire consequences on your life.

These are just two basic examples of choices, consequences, and good or bad habits. Imagine a choice to spend more then you make. What is the consequence of that choice multiplied into a habit? How about the choice to lead by good example for your children. What is the consequence of the sacrifice and positive habit. Is it worth it to you?

I believe a great life begins with empowering choices, good choices, and multiplied by consistent habits even when it is hard. Doing the right thing is always hard at first. When the positive choice you make becomes second nature (a subconscious habit) then you know you are living right and leading right.


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